One of the oldest cities in the world, the caves of Matera have been inhabited since at least the Paleolithic over 10,000 years ago. The ancient city has been carved into the limestone of the cliff sides, such that the entire town feels upside down: the trees, walking paths and cemeteries sit above ground and the houses underneath. When the caves light up at night, it looks as if the stars and the earth have been inverted. Discover this city staying in a prehistoric cave complex decked out with all the modern comforts and contemporary design. All transportation, reservations, and services will be arranged for you.

With your expert guide navigating the labyrinthine streets and communicating in the local Barese dialect, you can gain a deeper, more authentic experience of the city life.

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Take a stroll through the old town center, called “la terra” (the land), and continue out towards the “marina” where you can look out over the rocky coastline.

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